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Number Plus, "health" "safety" "the environment", a concept and, I make.
Nanotechnology is adopted and it's built into the functional fiber which
easily exceeds conventional technology.

Without using harmful formalin resin and organic solvent, it's the water
repellant processing which pursued a new possibility.
By covalent bond medicine and water repellant, it becomes more hydrophobic, realization.

  1 One hand of a joint molecule combines with an end group of fiber first.
  2 I succeed in a water-repellent agent polymer's and a joint molecule's soon making them combine more fellow's hands.
  3 Water soaks and shows hydrophobic effect beyond water repellant which isn't crowded in the clothes, and moreover the humidity passes in the fiber (moisture penetration water repellant), indeed.
A remarkable processing technology.

Water repellency
 The water repellant effect is continued
 Antifouling effect is maintained
 Even if washing is piled up, the texture
 when buying it, is maintained.
Air permeability
 Air permeability of material origin is maintained.
 Goods have increased longevity by easy care
 by water repellant and antifouling effect.

   Treatment method

When I still make a recovery of water repellency by the passing years and use dry by a dryer after washing and a rinse enough, it's effective.
  Please do a patch and iron by low temperature (80-120 ℃) after young SHIKU dries a wear by drying in the shade perfectly.
  The bringing in to a laundry is also possible.
I'll recommend you washing laundry in that case.
  A laundromat The dryness by a dryer is also possible.
I'll recommend you high temperature drying.
But, there is also something to which high temperature drying isn't preferred by goods, so please confirm the processing descriptive label of goods.
  After washing about footwear processing goods, I'll make them dry sufficiently, and I recommend you to apply heat (80-120 ℃) by a hair dryer on it.

  When washing, I'll recommend to use a synthetic detergent or acid detergent.
  When washing, please take care so that you don't use alkaline detergent.
When using alkaline detergent, the water repellant effect decreases.
Mechanism of water repellency
water repellency test01
water repellency test02


※Processing possible fiber

* Animal material processing * Vegetable material processing * Chemical fiber material processing * It's expected to add a processing material in sequence, and I'm here.


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