Policy about protection of personal information

Corporation NumberPlusJapan (It's called "us" in the following.) thinks appropriate handling and protection of customer's personal information are social obligation for us, and treats and makes an effort toward the protection appropriately based on a basic policy about personal information.

1.About management of personal information.

We manage personal information by the following system.

1) A written promise of a personal information protection law and the effect which maintains necessary company structure with a moth India lie and treats personal information properly from an employee is acquired.
2) The business top restricts use of personal information to only a necessary staff, and personal information makes a regulation about safekeeping and management of an included medium and has a prevention crackdown for personal information protection.

3) An account and a password are prepared and access right management is put into effect so that only a necessary staff can use the business top for a system about preserved personal information. Further, leaking an account and a password and being no loss, it's managed strictly.
4) After fixation expiration, personal information will be eliminated from the receipt time of personal information at any time.

2.About elucidation of personal information.

1) As far as there is no personal agreement, we don't elucidate personal information for a third person. But, when coming under the following case, it isn't its limit.
When there was a request from the official facilities which are courthouses and the police, etc. based on a decree.
When there is a special regulation in a decree.
When there are a life of the individual and the third person and a fear that a body and goods are damaged, and it isn't possible to get one's own consent.

When it's necessary to protect our right and assets from behavior contrary to a decree and our notice or defend, and it isn't possible to get one's own consent.

2) When there was an elucidation request of personal information from an individual, only the in case of which could confirm the thing which is oneself is elucidated.
Note: Way of the person himself confirmation
Please mail me a copy of the one which can prove that I'm the person himself to us.
As soon as I'll check the contents and it becomes clear that I'm the person himself, I'll elucidate.

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